House Sit Town and Country network, your Capable, trustworthy, reliable, experienced house sitter/pet and animal minder services Your home, pets, animals, and property will be well cared for and kept safe while you are away on holiday and will be as you left them when on your return home.

 No matter where you may live, we will come to your place to take care and look after your home, along with taking care of all your pets and livestock so can get away on holiday with the knowledge that your home your pets and animals are all in reliable hands and that when you return home, you will find your place just as you left it.
My wife and I are competent, experienced house sitter, who love animals, and have been house sitting all over the country since April 2008.
We have house sat many homes, in town and in the countryside and have cared for and looked after cats, dogs, rabbits, chooks, cows, horses and deer to name but a few and all the homeowners have been very happy with our services, you are able to see what they have to say about us at our website www.farmminderservicestowncountryhousesitnetwork.com
As house sitters pet and animal carers, we stay in your home while you are away, take care of your animals, so your cats and dogs can stay at home, in their environment and be happy. To collect and forward any mail if necessary and to answer any phone calls and most importantly is to be at your home to keep the likes of buglers away so you don’t come home to find that your home has been broken into. Feel free to contact me by email if you have any questions or would like any additional information, you can now also find ” house sit town and country” on Facebook